Veterans Deserve Our Respect

We support our Veterans everyday.

Our veterans deserve our respect. In this post, I want to talk about the importance of Veteran’s Day and how it should be more than just a day on which we show our gratitude.

We need to make sure that every single day is a day for remembering our heroes and those who have served or even continue serving to keep us free! Let me tell you why…It all started on December 17th, 1941 with President Franklin D Roosevelt signing an executive order which allowed young men from certain age groups into military service once they turned 18 years of age – amending the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. In 1944 he signed another amendment allowing adults aged 45 – 64 to be called up.

At the same time, women were being called in for service too! By 1943 there was a system in place to have flags placed on graves by loved ones.

Veteran’s Day is a day to remember our heroes and loved ones. But what does Veteran’s Day mean for you?

It is an opportunity to reflect on your service to your community or nation. Think about the ideals of patriotism that our military embodies every single day in their jobs.

Whether with words, deeds, thoughts, or prayers, let’s say Thank You- for those who have sacrificed so much. Make someone smile today and bring them Joy. A simple call, card or gift would mean so much to those who have given so much. Veterans deserve our respect.

Some 30 Veteran’s Day quotes are such good reading:

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